Wednesday, April 08, 2009

ACORN Chicago Coup?

An interesting interview with Anita Moncrief, an ACORN whistleblower. She alleges ACORN Chicago founder Madeline Talbot, Barack Obama's mentor in his early work for them, turned a blind eye to corruption within the organization, took ACORN Chicago over and changed its name to continue their activities:
There’s evidence that Chicago folks knew of Rathke’s embezzlement, Moncrief told me. “They talked about it between SEIU, ACORN Housing and ACORN how best to handle it in the election year,” she explained. “So, there was basically a coup, it was not an uncovering of an embezzlement. The embezzlement was known within private circles for years. I knew about it and they considered me to be a low-level employee as they liked to say.”
She outlines more links with the administration, building on what we have recently learned.

The question is whether these allegations will be pursued and investigated by a Democrat Congress and an Obama Justice Dept., even as ACORN or its successors are receiving billions in bailout money for "community stabilization". Very questionable success in finding the answers.

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