Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mao See Dunn

David Astroturf Axelrod suggests FoxNews is "not really news". (Do you think he's trying to change the subject from the failures of the Obama administration?)

Let's see, how much real news have we gotten from the MSM lately? I had to laugh when I was reading comments on the initial Mao/Dunn story, and a liberal sputtered--well, have you considered Fox is wrong when all the other media agree?

Objective observers have documented that FoxNews viewers range across the political spectrum.

I would just add that White House Fox "fact-checker" Anita Dunn, recently seen on tape praising mass murderer Mao, offers as her defense that

a. she was joking

b. she was actually quoting from Republicans quoting Mao.

This is lame and not credible, despite her obfuscating defenders in the media. Sure, tongue-in cheek--how bout someone make a tongue-in-cheek speech about Hitler. She was clearly serious. She clearly admired Mao--she was presenting a mass murderer of 70 million souls as a role model to high school students. Now she claims ignorance. (And, um, Republicans do not admire Mao.)

Ignorance from the White House fact-checker of Fox.

This is news. And Fox covered it. They ran a clip. Watch the tape. It doesn't lie.

Ms. Dunn should resign.

And David Axelrod should stop telling us to shut up.

dancurry Example of "real news network:" MTP panel today of Maria Shriver, Valerie Jarrett and John Podesta—three uber liberals. #tcot
P.P.S. The Swamp is slightly more skeptical this time round: White House vs FOX News: War in review, and the NY Times advises more "imperiousness" toward the American hoi polloi. Perhaps the NY Times and the media should bestir themselves and provide "more corrective to the royals" in the White House. But then they presumably view themselves as part of the royal we.

...meanwhile America is in peril--our real enemies remain unchecked by this administration. Incompetent and contentious at home, dithering and dilatory abroad.

More. Legal Insurrection. They don't link, they don't call. Axe and Rahmbo and their BS this morning--good luck with that.

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