Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meeks' High Profile Push: Vouchers for Poor Kids

William McGurn in his WSJ column today profiles one of our own. The Rev. James Meeks is fighting for kids. He's one of the few politicians who can legitimately lay claim to that kind of statement. Not just for their education, but for their lives.

"There is an irony that the highest-profile push for vouchers in America today is in Illinois, while the highest-profile opposition to vouchers is also from Illinois," says Mr. Hitt. The latter reference is to President Obama, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, and Sen. Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrats whose opposition pulled the plug on a popular, bipartisan voucher program in our nation's capital.
Not only an irony, a tragedy. And in today's Tribune we have a story about a Chicago Public school that has only a 2% pass rate. The CPS wants to shut it down.

Well maybe. But why not give parents of poor, underperforming kids vouchers? Then schools can compete to be the best rather than act as jailers to neglected learners while paying teachers who often don't teach.

Let these children go.

HT Chicago Daily Observer.

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