Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blago--Boxer or Cowboy? Patti?

What persona will he adopt for his trial? Sneed on the respective talents of our impeached governor Blago vs. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Kass with his theory.

The cowboy hat might muss his hair but the role might offer more scope for his Elvis shimmy.

He's played this one before, herding cattle again--how bout that jury.

Somehow I don't see Patti as the cowgirl or the schoolmarm. I won't mention the other bleepin role left for her in the cowtown. Patti figured big in the proffer:

Rod and Patti Blagojevich have long claimed they dipped into their own checking account to pay for personal home renovations set up by a company of convicted businessman Tony Rezko.

But a newly released, 91-page filing from federal prosecutors alleges that Rezko secretly funneled tens of thousands of dollars to the former first couple by setting up a sham $40,000 real estate commission for Patti Blagojevich. Prosecutors say the money was then used to pay for work on the Ravenswood Manor home.

Patti Blagojevich is another person who doesn't want Tony Rezko to testify.

She is good at eating bugs, though. I give her credit.

P.S. I'd like to see a reprise of this role. Kinda goes with this other One.


pathickey said...

Maybe he's Barbara Boxer! Could be. What's wrong with that - transgender Blago think about it.

Oh, that's right . . . Rosa Delauro.

Anne said...

The mind reels

pathickey said...

Old Rosa's scare a starving dog off a meat wagon.