Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sophomoric and Imperious

I see Zorn's truce didn't last long, linking to a Salon piece with the title Hegemoron, a sophomoric insult. It seems lefties always have to make it personal, you might say their ego is on the line.

Palin understands American history quite well. It's all about freedom. We are defending ourselves, not seeking to exalt ourselves over others. We are the number one target, well close, in the world precisely because we are the most free country in the world--if America fails, freedom dies.

And since we value freedom so highly we are not an imperial power. We seek peace through strength. And yes, Barack Obama is a weak president. I don't believe she called him a wimp. That's your interpretation, Salon. I would say he is a real tough one at home. You might say imperious.

And Mr. Zorn, as far as not knowing much about history, that would be our President Barack Obama.

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