Friday, May 21, 2010

Bill Ayers' wife being sued for hitting pedestrian

Sun Times.

The victim wants a jury trial. Now that should be interesting.

Who will vouch for Bernardine Dohrn's character.


lb100 said...

Is the death penalty available to juries in Illinois tort cases?

Anne said...

As you probably know there is an unofficial moratorium on the death penalty, instituted by our former, now jailed Gov. Ryan, in a bid for jury sympathy and the Nobel Peace Prize. Unsuccessful on both counts.

I don't think Dohrn will get much sympathy either. I believe that her role in the murder of police in San Francisco is still being investigated.

She seems to cheat her fate a lot.

lb100 said...

Ayers and Dohrn are vile people who deserve an ugly ending, and I don't particularly care how it happens (hence my earlier comment). I live in the Bay Area and heard a chilling, very persuasive interview with the police investigator who infiltrated the Weathermen. The murder itself seems to be long forgotten, though. In any event, I cannot imagine SF District Attorney Kamala Harris or AG Jerry Brown bringing charges against either one of them for anything.