Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boston a Hub Again

FBI raids near Boston linked to N.Y. bomb probe. It's no wonder now Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) got traction from worries about the Christmas bomber plot because it brought back memories of the 9/11 flights originating from Logan Airport. As an attorney and member of the Massachusetts National Guard, Brown understood the terror risk very well.

Yes, the bin Laden family was well represented in Beantown and had endowed Harvard handsomely.

...Presumably more simple suburban dads have been rounded up.

More here. ...If there's "no immediate threat" does that mean Eric Holder will read them their Miranda rights STAT. So we can't connect the dots and prevent the next mass murder?

More. Boston Herald:

Authorities this morning were seen taking large cardboard boxes and paper bags out of the house.

Governor’s Councilor Marilyn Devaney, who lives around the corner from the home raided this morning, said, “This is so scary. This whole laissez-faire immigration thing is putting everyone at risk. We’re just fortunate that we’re getting these people before they’re successful. Here we are just six miles from Boston.”

Boston FBI Special Agent in Charge Warren T. Bamford said searches are being conducted at locations throughout the Northeast.

Federal agents conducted Thursday morning raids in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey in connection with the failed Times Square car bomb and arrested three people, including two Pakistani men who provided money to the suspect, Faisal Shahzad, law enforcement officials said.
Pakistan again. More:

There was no indication that Audy, the gas station owner, was a target of the terror probe.

Audy was born in Lebanon, and came to the United States at 19 to study at the University of Houston in Texas and then at Northeastern University in Boston near his brother, according to the website of a used car dealership Audy also owned.

"He's very, very philanthropically minded as a businessman, very involved in his community," said Harry Robinson, executive director of the Brookline Chamber of Commerce.

Robinson said Audy has a wife and family and has been a longtime U.S. resident. Robinson also said he was not only involved in the chamber, but the local Rotary club.

Well. What could possibly be the explanation for this arrest? Perhaps his house is being foreclosed on.

P.S. Red Massachusetts? Not Commie this time.

More. Quite Rightly points out the map. Jammie Wearing Fool points out grounds for the arrests are not tax evasion.

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