Friday, May 21, 2010

D.C. Metro Police Escorted SEIU Protesters to Bank Of America Executive’s Home

Big Government. Led there by authorities. 14 buses into a residential neighborhood (Read this entire story.) The targeted dad was not home, as he was at a Little League game with his younger son. But his teenage son was.

And if your kid or perhaps an elderly relative, but not the homeowner, is home alone, they can't ask this group, escorted by out of jurisdiction police, to leave.

Have we got an Obama police state emanating from DC?

Oh, but these (union thugs) weren't Tea Partiers, so no news, no, no, no.

Remember, they were in Chicago last year, NY/Connecticut suburbs before that, terrorizing people and kids there too, encouraging threats and hate. Who will they demonize next? Will they have a police escort too?

As for the financial reform bill it left out Fannie and Freddie. And bigger banks who used to make loans based on the likelihood of repayment are still being forced to bail out politically connected (bankrupt) banks like ShoreBank.

Related. John Fund, WSJ: Tea Parties vs. Unions in November. The two groups get much different media scrutiny.

And this: Mortimer Zuckerman: The Bankrupting of America. We have a ruinous collaboration of elected officials and unionized public workers.


The Rattler - III said...

Are we at war yet or should we just turn the other cheek again. I think I'm done hoping for the best. How bought you?

Anne said...

we are at war. But for now, through the ballot box.

The Rattler - III said...

I am sure the home owner/citizen/father was not thinking of the ballot box at that time... especially when the police said no as to coming to he and his son's help... and to find out the police were already there PROTECTING SEIU as the mob trespassed on their freedom! I pray we get to november and have "legal" elections. But the extent of evil in office makes me doubt they will EVER relinquish their marxist power.EVER!