Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stalking Sarah Palin. Northern Exposure

Daniel Foster, NRO:

There has always been a certain creepiness associated with the left's coverage of Sarah Palin. If it didn't reach its nadir with Andrew Sullivan's obstetrical obsession, it has surely — one hopes — reached it now, with the news that pulp journalist Joe McGinniss, who is working on a critical book about Palin, has moved into the house next door to the family's Alaska home.

Palin announced on her facebook page that McGinniss's new digs overlook daughter Piper's bedroom and the family swimming pool. Great.

HT Lucianne, where I think this comment sums it up:

.LadyVet, 5/25/2010 1:30:33 PM (No. 6546646)

Above posters are right: this is just creepy. The guy is obsessed. Even stalkers don't generally rent the house next door. This guy is worse than a stalker.

If you want something more substantive, don't look to leftists. Listen to what Sarah Palin has to say for herself in Denver, Colorado, the site of the last Dem convention, now trending Red. At the University of Denver, video: I can see November from my house.

We're lookin at you, leftists. Stopping you in your nosy, sleazy, grabby tracks.


pathickey said...

It's odd Anne; I have met and admire many people considered to be Liberal ( quien sabe) and enjoy their company; however, I have never yet experienced a person self-promoted as a Progressive who was not a thorough-going creep, cheapskate, gossip, snitch or penny-ante thief.

Joe McGinnis, not much of a writer, is all of those things and now appears to be voyeur. I hope that is all for the sake of the kids.

Anne said...

That's why I've started using the word leftist now. There aren't too many good liberals left I think. And I can't stand to use "progressive" because there's nothing progressive about these policies, a throwback to the 30's and earlier.

Those poor kids with, at minimum, a gotcha kind of creep next door.

Greg said...

As expected, I haven't heard a single outcry from the "feminists." Normally, they lobby hard for stricter anti-stalking laws, but since this is Sarah Palin, they will give McGinniss a pass publicly, and privately applaude him.