Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Axelrod Spins Out

RCP video: WH's Axelrod On Sestak Offer: "Nothing Inappropriate Happened"''

Why should we believe you David Axelrod?
It's your job to spin. And you're a balding, bald-faced liar.

Who said what when, hmm? How about some transparency, (hmm, mmm, mmm) Barack Obama : "Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this Presidency"

Here's what everybody figures, as Jim Geraghty put it in yesterdays' Morning Jolt:
Perhaps Sestak looks a little squishy for not naming names. But how much doubt is there about who would be the one offering a job like this? Dollars to doughnuts, if a job offer to a candidate is made, the trail leads back to a figure whose name rhymes with either "Schmam Schemanuel" or "Schmavid Schmaxelrod." [snip]

Robert Gibbs insists that "nothing inappropriate happened," and I think that settles it in everyone's mind, right? If an allegation is denied by a White House press secretary with more nervous tics than a Belfast valet (to use a classic Dennis Miller line), well, then I guess it didn't happen.
"Nothing inappropriate happened"?

You mean like in the Obama Senate seat discussions?

More. Gibbs on Sestak bribery allegations: If you mention extortion again, I'll have your legs broken

Dick Morris: Sestak Bribery Scandal Is Impeachable Offense (Video)

More. Remember, this isn't the only job the White House allegedly offered to a candidate to get out of a race: D.C. job alleged as attempt to deter Romanoff, and there are more alleged specifics.

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