Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blago Smirks, Thumbs Up to Press

Judge releases Blago tape recordings

Recap from yesterday. [More detail on the questions here]

Blago talks to press, smirks and postures about his old pal's testimony against him.

...But the follow the money Aramanda-Rezko-Blago thread is beginning.

More. Good old Aramanda still has a job, having abandoned his flailing pizza business. Where do you think:
Aramanda, former chief operating officer for Rezko's Papa John's Pizza business, said he is now an office manager for the U.S. Department of the Census. He testified under a grant of immunity from prosecutors.
No doubt part of (government patronage) jobs created or saved by the Obama administration. Oh, but he was considered for the Blago administration:
Aramanda said he was offered a post with the Department of Aging but passed on the opportunity because his interest was more in finance.
Well, the Census Dept. offers some scope for that.

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