Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Effective, independent leadership for Illinois. Hahahahaha

Hahahaha. This guy wanted to be Illinois Lt. Governor, but lost to Scott Lee Cohen, the guy who beat up his hooker girlfriend and stiffed his wife on child support but did great jobs' ads. I sorta had sympathy for both, as Cohen was later forced out by the Dem Supreme Soviet Central Committee and Turner was subsequently brushed aside for the slot.

Well. Now we have the heroics of lame duck Cook County Board President Todd Stroger, who just lost his Dem primary (having won election for his prior term to a seat being vacated by his dying dad, backed by our President Barack Obama, then Senator) because of his corruption and huge tax and spend incompetence--to the rescue of Art Turner.

Kind of a consolation prize I guess, akin to the Goracle getting a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar after losing to GW Bush. But I digress.

Stroger gives Turner, currently a state legislator, a SECOND JOB, which will boost his pension bigtime, at a time when Illinois is in JUNK financial straits, due to HUGE UNFUNDED PENSION LIABILITIES. Oh, and the job is to clean up a corrupt program.

All this while the Blago trial is going on.

Oh and lots of murders this weekend. Get this:
The feds emphatically deny they've abandones the city. They say those corruption trials make big headlines and give a false impression that everything else is being neglected.

But others believe that perception is reality, that too much money is being spent sending crooked politicians off to Club Fed; too little sending gang-bangers to super-max.

By most accounts, the trial of Rod Blagojevich, is costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. So did the prosecution of George Ryan -- one former Governor in jail, another who may be on his way. While in the inner city, the street gang violence has reached epidemic proportions.

"Whatever Blagojevich did or didn't do, it didn't cause our children being murdered and drugs wreaking havoc in our communities, nd gangs wreaking havoc in our communities," said Father Michael Pfleger of St. Sabina's Roman Catholic Church.
Oh shut up Father Pfleger. I've never said that to a priest before but I'll make an exception in your case. Talk to your best buddy Barack the community organizer.

Illinois is effing dysfunctional. Better Walmart should take over the whole state. Save money. Live better.

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