Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kirk no Sunshine Patriot

All I have to say to the Tribune is that they were willing to bust into divorce records to sideline both a Republican and Democrat Senate opponent of Barack Obama, but were curiously incurious about his still secret records and radical associations.

And now we're saddled with him.

Mark Kirk is an open book. He may be overly boastful for the Tribune at times, a newspaper that elevates spinelessness to a religion. He may be a bit too earnest for them as well, but did Little Nell come to mind when this columnist compared The One to General Patton. I ask in all earnestness. And we all know the isolationism Chapman espouses, so what good really is the military anyway, right, except as a means to indulge in a sweeping historical flow of words.

Say what you want about Mark
, but he sincerely loves this country. He has served her in the military for years.

He is no sunshine patriot.

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