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Thoughts on Kirk vs. Alexi

For those who are mad at Kirk consider this--a Senate term is SIX YEARS. By then the country could really be down the tubes. Yes, he spoke of his military career in sound bites but he did serve. Unlike Blumenthal, who only served after getting multiple deferments from the Vietnam draft and bragged and got all phony emotional about going overseas when he was stateside, Mark Kirk stepped up and volunteered to serve his country at a time when few from the district did. Mark Kirk served in combat overseas in Kosovo and led his squadron in an exemplary way. When Kirk was elected to Congress he still elected to serve--without pay.

On Sept. 11th Congressman Kirk was in the Pentagon when it was hit. His Navy intel unit suffered a direct hit, and friends and colleagues died. Kirk continued to serve, here and overseas, during Congressional recesses when many Congressmen were going off on boondoggles--like Sen. Dick Durbin when he ducked town during the Blago/Burris scandal, after getting Burris's vote for the failed stimulus, and went off with Blago's state Treasurer, now Quinn's, now Dem Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulis to Greece to hustle for some big campaign bucks.

(Gee, as I recall Alexi didn't even visit his own grandmother on that trip. Which reminds me of another granny and the Alexi family Broadway Bank.)

Again. A Senate term is SIX YEARS. Can we afford for anyone to stay home rather than vote? Are you NUTS?!!!

Vote for a guy like Alexi Giannoulias whose family looted their own bank for millions and let taxpayers pick up the tab? ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

Vote for a guy like Alexi Giannoulias who gave hot loans to mobsters and financed prostitutes?

Vote for a guy like Alexi Giannoulias whom our President Barack Obama backed (because Alexi donated mega $$$ to his campaign) because Alexi was such a financial GENIUS who knew how to handle money, so brilliant he put Illinois Bright Start College Funds in inappropriately risky investments, costing parents millions?

Vote for a guy like Alexi Giannoulias who wouldn't even answer questions from the press until after he beat reformer David Hoffman in the Dem primary this spring?

If Alexi gets elected to the Senate do you think he will answer questions from his constituents? Do you think he'll be accessible? Do you think he'll spend taxpayer dollars wisely?
Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, Sen. Dick Durbin's golden boy to succeed Roland Burris in the US Senate, bought a new SUV with Bright Start proceeds. Tribune:
While parents come to grips with major investment losses in a college savings program, public records show that Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias' office spent Bright Start proceeds to buy a $26,000 SUV he uses as his state car.

The purchase is surfacing as the politically ambitious Giannoulias continues to face criticism for his oversight of the Bright Start investment program, which lost $85 million last year.

It's the first time since the program was launched nearly a decade ago that money from it was used to buy a state vehicle, the treasurer's office acknowledged.
It's apparently part of a fleet to market the program but looks to have been commandeered by Alexi for his personal use.
Do you think Alexi will put Illinois first?

Do you think Alexi will reform Washington?

Do you think Alexi will put his country first?

UPDATE. TWS: Giannoulias's Embellishment, Cont. The resume-padding seems to have started long ago.

More. From Kirk for Senate (who has some new endorsements)

Moody’s Decision to Downgrade Illinois’ Credit Rating Reminds Voters of Clear Contrast in U.S. Senate Race

Kirk outspoken on wasteful spending, need for fiscal discipline;

Giannoulias silent on state debt crisis, backs more wasteful government spending

Northbrook, Ill. – The Kirk for Senate campaign today called Moody’s decision to downgrade Illinois’ credit rating a “major wake-up call” to voters as they consider their choice for U.S. Senate.

Yesterday, Moody's lowered Illinois’ general obligation bond rating to A1, which is four notches below AAA.[1] The move came after the General Assembly failed to address the state’s structural budget imbalance for the coming fiscal year.[2] Meanwhile, as Springfield struggles with the state’s ballooning debt, the state’s banker remains silent.

“Our state is in fiscal crisis and our state’s banker is nowhere to be found,” Kirk campaign spokesperson Kirsten Kukowski said. “While Congressman Kirk voted against wasteful government spending and backed efforts to balance the budget, Alexi Giannoulias stands by and watches as our state’s credit rating drops lower and lower.”

Congressman Kirk supports the line item veto[3] and cosponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment.[4] He voted against the wasteful trillion-dollar stimulus bill[5] and opposed efforts to raise America’s debt ceiling.[6] In early 2008, Congressman Kirk became the first member of the House Appropriations Committee to swear off earmarks.[7]

By contrast, Alexi Giannoulias not only supports the trillion-dollar stimulus, he said “It should have been even bigger.”[8] While staying silent on Illinois’ growing debt crisis, Giannoulias supported the trillion-dollar health care bill[9], which adds over one billion dollars to the state budget deficit.

“There’s a reason why job creators like the Illinois Chamber of Commerce endorsed Mark Kirk over Alexi Giannoulias,” Kukowski said. “For voters who want to cut wasteful government spending and get our debt under control, Mark Kirk is the only choice for Senate.”

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oldgraymare said...

Kirk's padded resume hurts only Kirk. He probably didn't even write it himself or look at it that closely. I worked in the graphics department of a large hospital years ago and had to update the resume of the hospital's administrator on a regular basis who seldom even saw it. The thing was a dozen or more pages long. Giannoulias, on the other hand, hurt other people, especially with his inept handling of the Bright Start program. Big difference, the way I see it.