Monday, June 07, 2010

Maybe Michelle Can do a Fundraiser

How bout an exercise tape? Help this poor young lady she may have led astray:

In the Age of Obama one could be forgiven for assuming the failure of an interdisciplinary degree in religious and women's studies to cover student loan payments (or much else) would be more badge of honor than crying shame.

After all, during the 2008 presidential campaign Michelle Obama frequently bemoaned the burden student loans placed on her and Barack in the years before his books became bestsellers -- "It was like Jack and his magic beans," she mused, though, as Byron York noted, Michelle's salary at University of Chicago Hospital rocketing from $121,910 in 2004 to $316,962 after her husband's election to the U.S. Senate was magical in its own way -- yet the future First Lady nonetheless urged young smarty pants to "move out of the money-making industry and into the helping industry."

On second thought, don't try to "help" us any more Michelle. Please.

Barack will make you work.

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