Monday, June 07, 2010

Obamanomics Bombs

One of the stupidest mantras of the left lately is that Obama should be compared to Reagan, that his policies haven't had time to work yet, so even if he and Dems suffer a setback in the midterms he will eventually triumph (like Reagan sure) and presumably be reelected with a greater majority (!). Can we even survive that?

There are two big things wrong with that ridiculous comparison. One is that Reagan was instituting tax cuts not tax hikes.

The other is that we already know Obama's most important initiative, as far as most Americans are concerned--has failed. And even one of his most prominent supporters admits it. Video. Jeff Sachs, Keynesian.

Another Democrat: U.S. Jobless Picture is Alarmingly Bleak - Mort Zuckerman, Financial Times

Via RCP:
Obama is Making a Bad Situation Worse - Charles Gasparino, Daily Beast
Kicking Too-Big-To-Fail Down the Road - Richard Fisher, Fed Bank of Dallas

Morici--time is running out for the president. And this outlook: Arthur Laffer: Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse

...Many knew it wouldn't work then. Small comfort.

More. The Scariest Job Chart Ever Just Got Even Scarier

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