Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Mini-med cut for low-income workers

Obamacare First Order of Business: Drop Coverage for 1 Million NRO

The More We Learn, the Worse It Gets - James Capretta, ObamaCareWatch


The Doctor Will See You Later - Investor's Business Daily:
The British government has decided that it needs to cut millions of operations because the public system cannot afford them. This is coming soon to a hospital or doctor's office near you.

According to the Daily Mail, Britain's National Health Service is "preparing to cut millions of operations" so that it can save $29 billion by 2014. Procedures that will be "decommissioned," if we may borrow a particularly descriptive term used by one doctor, include hip replacements for obese patients, some operations for hernias and gallstones, and treatments for varicose veins, ear and nose problems, and cataract surgery.

Thus is the future of all socialized medicine.

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