Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Primary Night in Parts

Nikki Haley just shy of 50% so there'll be a runoff in South Carolina. RCP liveblogging. They have discovered the likely South Dakota Republican candidate to topple Dem Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin--Kristi Noem. Posts on that here and here at The Middle Coast:)

Another Mama Grizzly.

California closing soon.

More. On Fox Bill Kristol thinks the distant 2nd candidate in South Carolina will pull out tomorrow, giving Haley the clear win to go into November. And the leftie union candidate loses big in the Arkansas Senate race:)

More. Josh_Painter Erickson: The Most Dangerous Woman http://dlvr.it/1Y78Z #palin

Andy Stern's new shirt: I nearly put my union into bankruptcy to defeat Blanche Lincoln, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
ewerickson Repub. Governors Association just sent out a press release acknowledging Haley as the nominee "notwithstanding the possibility of a runoff."

RCP Video rcpvideo VIDEO: Nikki Haley: It's "Us Vs. The Establishment" http://bit.ly/bDDfBu #tcot #p2 #SCGOV
BreakingNews Meg Whitman, ex eBay exec, wins GOP nomination for Calif. governor, will face Democratic ex-gov Jerry Brown - AP http://bit.ly/dvodbe
WSJ Former H-P chief executive Carly Fiorina wins GOP Senate nomination in California, AP reports. http://wsj.com

Tuesday June 8, 2010 12:10 Sean Trende
guypbenson Wow. #nvsen 56.4 percent reporting: Angle nearing 40 percent of the vote, Lowden and Tark in the mid 20s. #hhrs #tcot http://bit.ly/9gBw7b
Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle wins in Nevada to face Dem leader Sen. Harry Reid in November. It will be a classic.

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