Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tell your landlord, tell your boss Rahm

President Barack Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, called Hayward's decision to attend the yacht race a public relations fiasco and told ABC's "This Week," that Hayward had "got his life back."

"I think we can all conclude that Tony Hayward is not going to have a second career in PR consulting," he said in an interview taped Saturday.
BP & Rahm's Lincoln Bedroom.

Will our President Barack Obama give the BP donations back?

P.S. Well, at least Hayward's boat is American-made.
Hayward was watching his 52-foot (16-meter) yacht "Bob," made by the Annapolis, Md.-based boatbuilder Farr Yacht Design. It has a list price of nearly $700,000.
Maybe President Obama will go yachting next weekend:
...his golfing parters included White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and David Katz, the energy efficiency campaign manager at the Department of Energy.
(Come on, it was a working golf game.)

Because that's how you plug the damn hole.

P.P.S. A little wind-power, that's the ticket. (Uh, no Mr. President, that doesn't mean another speech.)

More. BP disaster started in February?

More. ...Somewhere, Rahm Emanuel is smiling. Shakedown! Yes we can!

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