Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bolshie Chicago Mob in the White House: Shakedown

"A gun to their head." Heritage: An Offer BP Couldn't Refuse:
Yesterday's "voluntary" deal between BP and the Obama administration was nothing less than a continuation of President Barack Obama's ongoing assault on the rule of law. Capitalism only succeeds if it is a profit and LOSS system. Well-managed firms should have every right to keep their profits, but mismanaged firms must be allowed to suffer losses. By all accounts of what transpired on the Deepwater Horizon, BP is a terribly mismanaged firm. If the damage they caused is great enough, they should be allowed to fail. Failure is a necessary component of capitalism. But this administration refuses to allow the rule of law to work. From Fannie Mae to Freddie Mac, from GM to Chrysler, from AIG to Citibank, our government continues to subvert the established rule of law. This lawlessness creates uncertainty in the business environment, and it is a huge reason why our economy is not recovering as it should be.
And it's not just limited to that.

Voter intimidation and cover-up: Friends in High Places

A pattern of buying off candidate challengers to manipulate and subvert the democratic process and rule of law. And an apparent cover-up, from the supposedly most transparent administration evah.

Forcing Americans to buy health insurance just for existing. Is that Constitutional?
At a time when younger individuals are being required to purchase health insurance...
The Pulpit of a Bully Now more shenanigans between the Obama administration and the Dem Congress, at a time when they haven't even passed a budget.

Shakedown. The Chicago Way.

It's the Bolshie Chicago Mob in the White House.

There's a trial going on in Chicago. But it won't take down this White House. That's up to us in November for starters.

Meanwhile every day sees an assault on liberty, at every level.

Who will be next on the Obama enemies' list.

More. Response to WaPo. We're not defending big corporations per se. (Especially not crony capitalism--the Obama administration talks out of both sides of its mouth while it shakes down, yes shakes down stupid corporations.) We're defending the rule of law, the private sector, and individual freedom from an out of control Big Brother Government--which is rampantly dishonest and criminally incompetent to boot.

Joe Barton video here. AmSpec blog:

I am rarely at a loss for words, but I was briefly stunned into silence by Barack Obama's words during his Tuesday night speech that he would "inform" BP's CEO that he "is to" create an escrow account. The president has no authority to do such a thing -- but neither did he have authority to cram down Chrysler and GM bond holders for the benefit of the UAW. Law is irrelevant, probably not even considered as an afterthought, by this president.

BP is not a victim here. They're not in the least bit sympathetic. But this is the nation that presumes innocence before guilt, that is founded on the rule of law rather than of men. How strange it is that we elected a president who wants to give terrorist murderers the benefit of the doubt, give them access to legal protections they're not even entitled to, but treats a major international corporation -- which had already said it would pay all legitimate claims -- the way Al Capone treated a rival moonshine distributor. One can almost picture Barack Obama walking behind BP executives with a bat in his hand.

More. HT Pundit and Pundette. Giuliani: If This Was Bush, He Would Have Been Impeached...
Legal Insurrection looks at the abuse of the law--what separates us from North Korea or Venezuela.

More. Daniel Henninger, WSJ: The President's Animosities. Since when was the American idea us versus them?

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