Thursday, June 17, 2010

Those Piggy Pensioned Illinois Public School "Servants"

Yes, it's a disgrace. This is what happens when you have school board members often comprised of consultants or vendors--to other districts, who then return the favor. Not to mention union negotiators. The staggering pension amounts are getting a look now from the rest of the country, as Illinois is about as bankrupt as California and Greece: You Thought California State Pensions Were Out Of Control? Wait Until You See This Top 100 List of School Administration Pensions From Illinois...

The Absolute Latest on the War Between Public & Private Sector Workers or, The Next Time Someone Tells You Educators Don't Make Enough, Tell Them About This $26 Million Dollar Man

Gov. Chris Christie in New Jersey points out we taxpayers are paying for these unions to demagogue in favor of ruinous higher taxes.

We pay again and again, in fees and endemic corruption. Corruption: Blago, Rezko, Wire Taps and Teachers’ Union

And many of the schools still are failing students.


Catalani was once the highest-paid superintendent in Illinois, with $380,000 in annual total compensation before he retired, according to TRS. His contract with the local school board became the subject of a highly publicized court battle when District 200 denied a resident's request to see the document until the Illinois Supreme Court last year ordered school officials to turn it over, two years after Catalani left Wheaton Warrenville.

Based on IRS tables of life expectancy, Catalani stands to be paid $9 million in retirement funds from the state of Illinois - compared to the $327,135 he and the school district contributed on his behalf, TRS data showed.

Like many educators, Catalani is still working even though he is getting a pension.

He is superintendent for a school district in Scottsdale, Ariz., where published accounts state he makes $205,000 - but District 200 still pays for his health insurance.

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