Friday, June 11, 2010

Vision with your coffee

This came in from multiple sources. It's well worth watching, especially in these times. Joel Kotkin: Why America Will Still Lead the World in 2050. Reason video.

What's happening in the Netherlands. Pushback on Islamic intolerance. Geert Wilders Shocks the Netherlands on Election Day — Will He Get To Lead? Pajamas Media

The New Red Dawn: Even More Awesome Than the Orginal?

P.S. More on the implications of Islam for our culture. Hirsi Ali had to leave the Netherlands after the murder of her friend Theo Van Gogh by an Islamist. After death threats herself. She's here now, a voice alerting us to the fate of the West unless we fight back. She calls for Islam to reform itself. Islam as is is antithetical to Western democracy and a culture of freedom. Mark Steyn:The left’s strange hostility to Hirsi Ali

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