Monday, June 14, 2010

We need MORE Fed Independence, NOT LESS

What stupid idea is this. Only say Maxine Waters is behind it and you get the gist. Politicizing the Fed:
Fed regional presidents are often the main proponents of tight monetary policy. The presence of a diversity czar is one way Congress and the White House can intimidate these regional presidents to go along with the policies they favor. No Fed bank president will want to take the risk of being hauled before Congress to answer a report that the banks under his jurisdiction aren't racially or gender sensitive enough in their lending.
You know, I'm feeling pretty sensitive these days to the idea of even more of our money going down a RAT HOLE, piling up CRUSHING DEBT for our children and grandchildren.

YOU KNOW, we've got this Blago trial going on in Chicago and what is it all tied to, in LARGE AND CORRUPT PART?!!!


And you know Maxine, you and Uncle Barney should have the decency for once to keep your big fat mitts out of this before you crash the economy again--and line your own pockets again.

You NEVER fix anything you just make things worse.

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