Monday, June 14, 2010

Blago Defense: Rezko and the Three Stooges

The saga of the summer in Chicago.
A fool or a knave? Definitely the former, according to the pictures his lawyers are drawing.

"If this guy is a crook, he's the most naive and stupid crook you ever met," is how DePaul University law professor Leonard Cavise sums up a good portion of defense attorney Sam Adam Jr.'s dramatic opening statement.

Experts say that strategy can be effective with some juries — but it can also present some tricky problems.

Prosecutors say there were plans to leverage the power of the governor's office into a moneymaking enterprise, and that it involved Blagojevich, top campaign fundraiser Tony Rezko, fundraiser Chris Kelly and the governor's chief of staff, Alonzo "Lon" Monk.

Adam, in his opening statement, heaped an overwhelming bulk of the blame on Rezko.

"The theme of this trial so far is Rezko and the three stooges," says Roosevelt University political scientist Paul Green, who has been watching Blagojevich since his start in politics.

Rezko is awaiting sentencing for fraud and other offenses in connection with a $7 million kickback scheme.
What will the jury do? But really. Who has better hair. Larry, Mo or Curly-Joe.
P.S. But what does that make our President Barack Obama?

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