Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Whole Lotta Corruption in the Making with this White House

My friend Mary emails:
Does anyone really believe that BP's billions will be anything but a political slush fund, used by Mr. Obama to fund his political agenda? The White House must be overjoyed! Now they don't have to bother with the hassle of seeking "donations" from AFSME or SEIU. They will control billions through the Oil Spill Compensation Board. Wonder what positions on the board will go for? Maybe the WH should consult our former governor on pricing, on days when he's not in federal court fighting to stay out of jail.
Apropos to that:

WH Takes Cues from Liberal Think Tank on Spill

Obama's Political Oil Fund In its Gulf spill panic, the White House runs roughshod over the rule of law.

P.S. Hmmm... (Video) Blago on Prosecutors:" They Wanted Shit on Obama"

Probably didn't happen. Not that Blago doesn't know stuff.

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