Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Baghdad Bob Pete Giancreco an Alexi Hire

Let's get this out there, shall we. After Blago spokesman made Baghdad Bob look like Honest Abe, BO was so offended he hired him

Some more good old quotes from Mr. Giancreco, currently working for Slimy Alexi Giannoulias.

Alexi's having trouble retiring his primary debt. Gee, why is that.

How about reaching into your own pocket Alexi.

As for Giangreco, who worked for Blago, then Barack Obama, and now Alexi Giannoulias--what a pack of liars. And Alexi wants us to elect him Senator.

P.S. Woman To Blago: You Would've Been Good President. Ex-Gov Replies; 'It's Either The White House Or The Penitentiary

P.P.S. Obama's coming to Chicago this time to fundraise for Alexi.

More. Illinois Review: Kirk: "Giannoulias watched Illinois' financial situation become nation's worst"

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