Tuesday, April 27, 2010

That Ludicrous Alexi Giannoulias

He already threw his dead dad under the bus and even cried in that silly local PBS interview with Carol Marin. Now, in a new ad, Alexi's exhuming him as a hero while blaming his Republican opponent Mark Kirk for the demise of his family bank. Which he and the rest of his family looted by pulling millions out in dividends, even as the hot loans to mobsters and felons Alexi made when he was a loan officer went south.

Now taxpayers have to pick up the tab for Broadway Bank. And how did Alexi do as Treasurer of the State of Illinois, a slot he got with the backing of our hotshot President Barack Obama, then a fresh-faced Illinois pol? Alexi got too cozy with the firm that managed the Bright Start college fund and gave the OK to risky investments, losing millions for parents saving for their kids' education.

As Dan Proft quips,
Who would have thought that pawn broker Scott Lee Cohen, the deposed Democrat Lt. Governor candidate, would have turned out to be a more competent lender than former Democrat golden boy Ali G?
But Alexi won the Democrat primary and he is their nominee. These are Dems in Illinois, after all. And our President Barack Obama has belatedly invited Alexi to join him in downstate Quincy, Illinois. Officially it is not a political trip. The president can avoid Blago and the house that Rezko built in Chicago, but he's stuck with Alexi. That ludicrous Alexi Giannoulias.

The Cook Political report now puts the Illinois Senate race as leans Republican.

Tribune editorial: Who killed Broadway Bank?

P.S. Will Blago go to Quincy?

P.S. Maybe they'll bring out the band for you, Alexi.

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