Thursday, July 08, 2010

A Content-Free Presidency

World’s Greatest Press Secretary Stumped By Simple Question!

[Info on the lawsuit here. And what about this other differential treatment?]

Has Gibbsy really never thought about this before? This wasn't anticipated, given Obama's home town is a prominent sanctuary city?

Let me help you out Gibbsy.

Something more for you all to think about:

Can we actually look at the law and the history? And I would say the boycott hurts hotel and other workers in the state. As for other sports boycotts, puhleeze--how about just make all your games free--wouldn't that be the fairest, non-discriminatory action?

Read the law.

Arizona Amends Law, The Arizona Experiment

...Are borders racist? Is locking your door racist? Are setting school boundaries and denying entry to schools racist?

...And think about this. Are we perpetuating injustice? Must I quote MLK again? Something about the content of our character?

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