Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some new hope just north

On Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Senate: Johnson (R) 48%, Feingold (D) 46%

Wisconsin Governor: Walker (R) 50%, Barrett (D) 43%

TWS on the Johnson surge:
Polls show a tight race developing between Democrat Russ Feingold, the three-term incumbent, and Ron Johnson, an Ayn Rand-loving, pro-life Lutheran, plastics manufacturer from Oshkosh. Johnson led Feingold 48 percent to 46 percent in a July 29 Rasmussen poll.

Democrats thought they had dodged a bullet when former Republican governor Tommy Thompson decided in April not to run, but Johnson has emerged as a formidable candidate. First, he doesn’t have Thompson’s baggage of having been both a Washington lobbyist and a Bush administration official. When Johnson delivers brief remarks to the 200 Republicans aboard the boat, he makes it clear he didn’t like the spending spree of the last administration. Republicans were racking up “$300 [or] $400 billion deficits. But now we’re talking $1.5 trillion. And our national debt is $13 trillion. That’s simply unsustainable. It’s intergenerational theft. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. And it’s gotta stop.” The crowd cheers enthusiastically.
But it was the passage of ObamaCare that impelled him to run--he wants to repeal it:
His “personal motivation” comes from his family’s reliance on rapid medical advances when his daughter—now a neonatal nurse—had heart surgery as an infant in the 1980s. Obamacare will “lower the quality of care and lead to rationing,” Johnson says. “There’s a reason the premier of Newfoundland came down to America to get his heart surgery.”
The Wisconsin primary win put Obama on the path to the presidency. It's a key swing state and it's going right. That big-spending old liberal Rep. David Obey bowed out--now it looks Dem. Sen. Feingold may get trounced in November.

Ron Johnson for Senate

Scott Walker for Governor

The GOP still has a primary on Sept. 14th but these look like the eventual winners.

P.S. Apparently Feingold is trying to portray himself as an outsider and Johnson as an extremist (the Dem anti-Tea Party template, despite the fact that the Tea Party is mainstream, concerned primarily with fiscal issues, encompassing many independents). Don't think that's going to work, as even the liberal press is not taken in.

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And this--high speed rail between Madison and Milwaukee. ObamaRail idiocy. American Thinker.

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