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Where is Alexi? Day 21 (In Canada?!!!)

From the Illinois Republican Party:

Where is Alexi? Day 21

Since media availability at joint candidate forum on June 21st, Giannoulias has ducked weekday public appearances to avoid some tough questions;

Last Giannoulias full-blown weekday press conference in Chicago was May 6th;

In case Alexi comes out of hiding this week, here are a few questions to ask him

On His Fundraising:

In June, you boasted fundraisers headlined by Vice President Biden, David Plouffe, Secretary Duncan and White House Deputy Chief of Staff Messina. So how much did your campaign raise during the second quarter and what is your cash-on-hand?

On His Taxes:

Last week, Governor Quinn slammed you for claiming a $30,000 tax refund after Broadway Bank collapsed. He suggested you should donate your tax refund to the State of Illinois. Will you be donating your federal and state tax refunds to the U.S. and Illinois treasuries, respectively, or will you opt for a tax-deductible contribution to write off on next year’s tax return?

On Our Taxes:

In response to Mark Kirk’s new television ad noting your repeated calls to raise taxes, your campaign criticized the ad saying, “When he says Alexi wants to raise taxes, Congressman Kirk is lying.” According to Capitol Fax, your campaign “flat-out lied” citing your calls for state and federal income tax hikes. Why did you campaign lie about your past support for tax increases?

On the Mob:

In response to Mark Kirk’s new television ad noting your past loans to convicted mobsters, your campaign criticized the ad saying, “all of these loans were legal.” Do you think that just because loaning money to the mob is legal, it’s the right thing to do?

On the Blagojevich Trial:

Last week, several of your campaign contributors and recipients of Broadway Bank loans came up in the Blagojevich trial. First, we heard from Michael Winter who contributed $19,000 to your campaign. Then two more of your supporters came up. Brian Hynes, who helped Tony Rezko steer unearned commissions to Patti Blagojevich, contributed more than $6,000 to your campaign and received a $1.5 million loan from Broadway Bank. We also learned that Raghuveer Nayak offered to raise $1 million for the Blagojevich campaign in exchange for his appointment of Jesse Jackson, Jr. to the U.S. Senate – the same Raghuveer Nayak who contributed $23,000 to your campaign. What do you think of these campaign supporters?

On BP:

In response to Mark Kirk’s new television ad noting that your top aide used to lobby for BP in Chicago, your campaign criticized the ad saying, “he never advocated for BP.” However, the facts show that he registered to lobby the City of Chicago to promote BP gas stations. Are you saying that BP does not own BP gas stations and that lobbying for BP gas stations is different than lobbying for BP?

On Spending:

In response to Mark Kirk’s new television ad noting that you support increased spending, your campaign responded, “Every proposal outlined by Alexi includes a counter-part offset to ensure that it is deficit neutral. Alexi also supports pay-as-you-go federal budgeting rules.” If that’s the case, how would you vote on the current unemployment extension bill that spends $34 billion without an offset?

From the Kirk campaign. (Hmm, didn't one of Alexi's buddies try to escape the law by fleeing to Canada?)

Alexi Giannoulias Raising Money in Canada?

Illinois Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias has confirmed he was in Canada this weekend to pick up campaign contributions from the trial lawyers. From Crain’s Chicago Business:

U.S. Senate nominee Alexi Giannoulias was in Canada over the weekend -- apparently in a bid for campaign funds.

Mr. Giannoulias is confirming that he stopped by a conference of trial lawyers in Vancouver on Sunday evening "on the way to a short West Coast fund-raising swing."

Apparently, Alexi Giannoulias doesn’t have the time to hold weekday press conferences in Chicago but he does have time for special interest fundraisers in Canada.

The trial lawyers like Alexi Giannoulias a lot. Take a look at a few of his top contributors:

  • Employees of Weitz & Luxenberg: $21,000

  • Employees of SimmonsCooper: $75,550

  • Employees of Corboy & Demetrio: $82,050

  • Employees of Clifford Law Offices: $19,900

Key Questions for Alexi Giannoulias:

  • Why do you have time to go to Canada to pick up campaign contributions, but you don’t have time to give press conferences in Chicago on weekdays?

  • On your campaign home page you write: “Our voice, not their money…He'll take on special interests in Washington.” Is it misleading for Alexi to suggest he doesn’t take special interest contributions when clearly he does?

  • Will you side with your trial lawyer sponsors when it comes to lawsuit reform or will you side with the people of Illinois and support lawsuit reform?

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