Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Dem Blame Bush Lie Exposed

Deficits with and without the Iraq war. Gateway Pundit. Obama and the Dems aren't done. No wonder they're scared to run on the truth for the 2010 midterms. (And then there's Illinois 17th Phil Hare--too dumb to be scared. I make an exception and go ad hominem on this guy.) WSJ Editors: $4.4T in new baseline spending.

WSJ Editors: Obamacare's tax on taxes.

Sen. Mike Johanns: Let’s fix Obamacare’s tax paperwork problem for small business

“A big, fat, sloppy, inefficient, obstructionist, Porky Pig that’s standing in the way of economic progress”

Throw these lying, useless bums out!

November can't come too soon.

...Armey on MSNBC below. His book is coming out soon! Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto

A note from Steve Forbes:

There is a peaceful revolution going on in America today that’s up-ending politics as usual, a bottom-up grassroots uprising against big obtrusive government. I’m talking about what’s now commonly referred to as the Tea Party. The good men and women of this popular movement for fiscal sanity and responsible economic policies have been first ignored and now maligned by a liberal political establishment that fully controls the levers of power in Washington, D.C.

Next week, two of my cohorts at FreedomWorks, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and President Matt Kibbe are going to set the record straight with the publication of Give Us Liberty – A Tea Party Manifesto. According to Dick, Give Us Liberty “seeks to explain this movement — where it came from, how it came to be, what it does, who these folks are. And it dispels a lot of the fiction and the misperception regarding these people and what they’re up to.”

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