Monday, August 23, 2010

Where is this great communicator?

Ooooh Nooooo!!!!

It has come to this--where's the Dems' great communicator when they need him? Off at Martha's Vineyard where he doesn't need to communicate, he can just commune with his elitist soulmates:

Though a longtime islander and a hardcore Democrat, Liman doesn’t think it’s a good idea, politically, for Obama to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

“He should be in the Gulf, or somewhere not so public,” said the director. “Bush spent twice as much time on vacation, but he was in Crawford so nobody cared.”

David Paul Kuhn, RCP:

Obama could have taken the principled stand on the mosque. It would not have been popular. But the principled stand can outlive the popular stand. It becomes a testament to character. And that gets to grit, the central value by which all presidents are judged. Instead, Obama refused to weigh into the wisdom of building a mosque near Ground Zero. Liberals were left without the moral leadership they crave. Americans were left without the character they respect.

That returns us to Borger's question. Where is this great communicator? The man reporters' described with such esteem, often awe, during the campaign? Was Obama ever the man many thought they knew?

Well, let's ask TOTUS, who knows him well:

  • Big Guy doesn't want Israel bombing Iranian nuke site; supports it building a synagogue within a block of it, instead. #tcot 6 days ago
Apparently TOTUS is on vacation. Maybe that explains it.

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