Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bill Clinton throws Obama White House...

...under the bus. And opens up the whole Sestak can of worms for them again. Did Chicagoan White House counsel Robert Bauer tell a lie? Will he resign? They just lost the previous one under murky circumstances.

This could cost Dems a Senate seat in Pennsylvania, despite the Dem's attempts to turn it into a joke:
Sestak was said to have quipped, “Sestak is actually Slovak for ‘job offer.’ During his routine Sestak suggests he was offered the position of Rahm Emanuel's etiquette coach.
And adds to the Dem culture of corruption narrative in DC/NY and Chicago, Illinois. (Auchi's lawyers are at least paying attention, if not the media--going after an Illinois blogger on Dem Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias' connection to Rezko/Auchi) It could cost them two Senate seats. Wouldn't it be historic if Obama's bleepin golden seat went Red.

Rahm's already given Republican Rep. Darrell Issa the finger at the House gym. He might have to finally leave the White House with this coming up again.

Maybe he can go to work for Bill and Hill.

Some unintended consequences there Bill with this denial? But then you didn't have coattails for your fellow Dems either. It was mostly all about you two. Uh too.

...If Republicans win this fall maybe we can find out the answers to some of these questions.

P.S. Some background from an earlier post:
The Sestak imbroglio reminds everyone of the Blago-Rezko fiasco. Blago, whose trial starts soon. And Rezko, who hasn't been sentenced yet--and no one knows where he is.

Maybe check your wine cellar, Barack.

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More. Via TWS:
"The messenger is huge," as one Republican tells Byron York of the White House's deployment of Clinton, "and the message is puny."
Here was White House counsel Bauer in action before as Obama's campaign lawyer--just to give you a flavor of this guy:
The Obama campaign tries to impugn Kurtz's professional integrity by changing the subject to policy debates and quoting partisan hacks in their attack. The Obama campaign lawyer comes out threatening retribution and attempting to silence by intimidation:
Obama campaign lawyer Robert F. Bauer replied: "If someone rides up to a convenience store with a sawed-off shotgun and a prior record, I'm not intimidating anybody by calling the cops. . . . If this [Republican] campaign is going to be run in McCarthyite fashion by lawbreakers in an illegal way, they are going to pay a price.
Employing fascist measures to defend Barack Obama's long political alliance with a confessed terrorist bomber who targeted our troops, cops, and civil servants in the United States of America is a despicable act.
There ya go.

More. The Sestak Smell Test. Daniel Foster, NRO. Don Surber:
Bill Clinton will fall on the sword for Obama. Bill has been impeached before so he knows how to handle it if he is impeached again.
Well, and he already lost his law license, but still makes the big bucks. That must have been some lunch. Maybe he got Obama to promise not to run again (Hey Bill--his promises are about as good as yours, but even so). Hillary's been making noises.

...that gusher is the political jugular.

More. FoxNews via RCP. Video. Jeffrey Lord, TAS: Sestak: Brother Collaborating With White House

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