Thursday, May 27, 2010

Obama's Blushing Chicago Way Bribe

Ramirez. (There's probably room for Blago under that dress. Yuk.)

Is Joe Sestak lying? Karl Rove weighs in. Rahmbo gets a mention.

At his press conference today the president told us to trust him on this. He'd have an answer soon.

More. Byron York, DC Examiner: Drumbeat grows louder: GOP senators call for Sestak special prosecutor.

Andrew Malcolm, LA Times Top of the Ticket:

Well, it looks like we have an answer now to the question raised in that Monday Ticket item here: Obama White House probe of Obama White House finds no Obama White House impropriety on Sestak.

This Joe Sestak/Obama White House job mess does have legs. The public and the media are not buying the White House's self-cleansing, self-serving explanation that everything was appropriate, just move along.

US News & World Report: Why the Sestak Job Offer Is a Big Deal

P.S. Malcolm: The self-cleansing investigation of themselves is a favored tactic of the ex-state senator; See this Obama-Blagojevich Ticket item from 2008, and relies on the media dropping it.

Related: Blago Subpoenas Obama, Governor Alien and other stOries

More. WaPo: Time to clean up Sestak mess, part II


lb100 said...

Dick Morris and Andrew Napolitano discuss the interesting idea of having Pennsylvania AG Tom Corbett, a Republican running for governor, convene a grand jury to investigate this situation:

One thing they don't discuss in any detail is the subject matter jurisdiction question. The offer to Sestak sounds like a violation of federal law. I've never heard it mentioned as a violation of Pennsylvania law, which might limit the ability of Corbett to convene the grand jury. The article, however, claims that the doctrine of "universal jurisdiction" would overcome that apparent barrier. I'm not familiar with that doctrine, but it certainly sounds like the approach should be explored.

Quite Rightly said...

Obama and his retinue of czars and administrators (so called) have made so many people miserable that it's hard to imagine the weight of it not dragging him under his own infamous bus. This charge or another eventually will stick, and it won't surprise me if some of the adhesive will be provided by one of his own pain-ridden Dems.