Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brady Ad: A Better Illinois

We've had enough. Watch.


Lake County Right to Life said...

As a pro-life conservative, Bill Brady would be the 1st pro-life governor in a long, long time, for Illinois. All the jobs, all the raises, all the taxes don't hold a candle to Life. If Hitler had a good health care plan, would you still have voted for him? A better Illinois, is an Illinois that supports a culture of Life. All the other issues are dependent on our respect for life.

The Life issue, that Bill Brady supports & has voted for all his political life, speaks volumes on what he could do for other issue, because a moral person votes morally,and directs government morally - something we have long needed.

Rob Ross said...

You've had enough of what? Because Brady is just another in a long line of status quo Republicans who do little to advance liberty in Illinois. Lower taxes? I'll believe it when I see it. Reduce spending? Republicans failed to do it in the past, what makes you think they'll do it now?

Anne said...

I understand your skepticism.

Consider the alternative.

That said, as you know, the market is punishing us on our debt. We have to cut spending. I think Republicans have the political will this time.