Thursday, August 26, 2010

Science and Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cells

Let's be clear at the outset--this research destroying and using human embryos doesn't stop--it's just blocked for now from funding with taxpayer dollars.

Consider that, in contrast, adult stem cells and cord blood cells are actually helping to cure people in practice.

The question remains. Do we think it's right to deliberately destroy a human life in order to perhaps prolong another one? Where should our law stand?

Dennis Byrne: Federal Judge Blocks Human Experiments Prompting Left Wing to Hyperbolize

Adam Keiper and Yuval Levin: Stem Cells, Life, and the Law

Steve Chapman: Inconvenient facts about stem cell research

Perhaps we should refer to these inconvenient turned convenient embryos as the Tusekegee babies.

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

This was a very simple ruling. The judge ruled that an executive order cannot overrule a federal law.

Why that should be controversial is quite beyond me. It just shows that the pro-death crowd -- in both parties -- cares more about their pro-death results than about the rule of law.

Anne said...

Yes. You're right Paul.

They are tyrants in more ways than one.