Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Good Lord:) Missouri Edition

Anti ObamaCare mandate in Missouri.

Good Lord. HotAir.
With roughly a third of all precincts reporting, the anti-mandate vote is at … 75.8 percent. Good lord.
Who knew Allahpundit could be so impassioned.

In other news:

This American Life, hardly a capitalist hotbed, has a more constructive answer: Haiti’s problems in large part boil down to a culture of poverty. Haitians do not lack the desire to make their lives better, nor do they reject hard work. But what they sorely lack is a legal, social and intellectual culture that favors economic growth and entrepreneurialism.
I had a conversation with my neighbor on the subject--a medical volunteer there a generation ago. Donated supplies, stolen.

A moral culture too. Good Lord.

God Bless America.

More from the Show Me State: Missouri Voters Oppose Mandatory Health Insurance

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