Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Party Like it's 1966

It's not Recovery Summer (are you listening Tim Geithner) it's Summer in the City, circa 1966. Michael Barone, This year's election may mirror Democrats' setback of 1966:

Let me put another off-year election on the table for comparison: 1966. Like 1994, this wasn't a year of hard economic times. But it was a year when a Democratic president's war in Asia was starting to cause unease and some opposition within his own party, as is happening now.
Well, the surge in Iraq worked. We're working on one in Afghanistan now. The other part of the equation:

And it was a year of recoil against the big government programs of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society. The 89th Congress, with 2-1 Democratic majorities, had passed Medicare, federal aid to education, anti-poverty and other landmark legislation.
We've seen how well that all worked out. As the late Dem Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan chronicled, the "Great Society" defined deviancy down. After billions spent, and thousands left behind or killed public education still fails generations to the point even defenders cry enough. Medicare is being raided for ObamaCare--and they both will still bankrupt us and future generations.

What will be the Tea Party anthem this year? I don't know but I'm feeling good vibrations after yesterday's anti-ObamaCare win in Missouri.

P.S. Note again, East St. Louis, Illinois. And from Morning Jolt:
Also, my first observation of the morning: Total votes for Democrat Robin Carnahan in St. Louis County, Missouri, in yesterday's U.S. Senate primary: 58,775. Total votes for Republican Roy Blunt in in St. Louis County, Missouri, in yesterday's U.S. Senate primary: 59,274. This is the most Democratic county in the state!

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