Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hillbuzz Take on the Obama Oval Office Redo

Great Merciful Zeus (with a side of Oh No They Didn’t): Obama brings The Jeffersons’ living room set out of the Smithsonian and installs it in the Oval Office

(I knew I could count on Hillbuzz to cover this properly:)

Plus, a poll on your rug of choice.

...I have to laugh at the newsie guys having to write about this fluff. But then, he's their The One.


Looks like a hotel room. The Hiltons have that wallpaper.

Why go casual. The oval office should be a showplace and an intimidating place.

Where is the big screen TV to watch golf?

...OK, one more:)
I think it was a tactical choice. He can bring his political enemies in there, and the ugliness and drab color scheme break their wills as effectively as the depressing motel lobby after which it is modeled.
It's torture!!!

Come on, SNL here's your material!


Well at least he can stop blaming Bush for the decor. It's his own hideous haunt now.

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