Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Palin Did Friday Night She celebrated the Jewish Sabbath.

Bill Kristol.

Sarah Palin's Facebook remarks on Iraq.

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P.S. I especially like this part from Palin:

In May 2007, Senator Obama voted against funding our troops in Iraq. Reporters have insinuated that I haven’t been telling the truth on this fact, but consider the fact: he did not support additional troop funding. Had his position prevailed, our troops would have been forced to leave Iraq precipitously and chaos would have ensued. Goodness, even Senator Biden voted for the funding and had to admit this about Senator Obama and others who opposed it: “My colleagues voted against the funding to make a political point. There’s no political point worth my son’s life. There’s no political point worth anyone’s life.” As the mother of a soldier who spent his year in Iraq recently, I have to agree with Biden on that point.
Biden may be a buffoon, he may be nearly always wrong, but he is a decent human being.

And the president suffers in comparison.

...As does Robert Gibbs.

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