Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joe the Biden, Get out there, STAT

Call it slap-happy Tuesday. Maybe this is what the ever attuned to the mood of the country Peggy Noonan meant when she said America is at risk of boiling over. We've already heard about the JetBlue attendant who spectacularly lost his cool, now the Brits pick it up.

On Chicago morning radio they're talking about the McNugget rage lady on tape, and to add insult to injury taxpayers may have to pick up the tab for the Blago defense since he blew $400,000 of his income on pricey suits and even his campaign fund is tapped out. No verdict yet but I'm feelin' throw the book at him. Meanwhile to return to the farce, a Blago look-alike has breezed in from LA to bask in the celebrity status.

Clearly we need Joe the Biden to calm the country.

Now for the news.

Sarah Palin confronts "teacher"
who turns out to be a singer in a drag queen band. Via Memeorandum. Palin responds on Facebook.

Um. Now for the news.

Ryan Rips Krugman: 'Intellectually Lazy' and 'Bizarre' Attack

We have primaries today. Minnesota (just for the Dems governor, the GOP is a tea party favorite), Georgia, Connecticut, Colorado.

Productivity Slides as Labor Costs Grow, Economy Slows

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