Thursday, August 05, 2010

Let's Get Comfy Chez Schakowsky

A fellow constituent has written a letter to the flaming leftist who "represents" us:
You come home and find 6 strangers living in your house. You call the police and request their help. You are told that because the strangers are now living in your house, you have to keep them and support them. You object and again ask the police to remove the strangers living in your home. The police threaten you with legal action unless you stop complaining.

Keep the trespassers. Pay for the trespassers. And, be happy doing it. That may be your idea of immigration reform but it's not mine. No amnesty!
Hey, you and your spouse have been helping yourselves to other people's money for years. Why shouldn't we help ourselves to your house, hmm, Jan?

(And by the way, still no answer on the Save a Life scandal.)

VDH on the illogic of it all: Illogical Immigration. Once a law stops being considered quite a law, all sorts of even stranger paradoxes follow.
But wait — for years, several American cities have declared themselves sanctuary cities. City officials have even bragged that they would not allow their municipalities to enforcefederal immigration statutes. So why does Washington sue a state that seeks to enhance federal immigration laws and yet ignore cities that blatantly try to erode them?
Answer that one too, Jan. If you can:
...Are borders racist? Is locking your door racist? Are setting school boundaries and denying entry to schools racist?

...And think about this. Are we perpetuating injustice? Must I quote MLK again? Something about the content of our character?

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