Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Listening to Don and Roma on Blago on WLS

Live. They are talking to jurors, etc.

Jurors had strong convictions.

More. John Kass column.

The celebrity buffoonery strategy worked to soften up the jury pool.

Who will be on the next jury who supposedly will not have heard of this.

...Blago II. The Trial.

More. Tweets for breakfast:
tonyperaica No sympathy here for Toxic Blago :: The SouthtownStar :: Phil Kadner via @AddThis

isaac_hayes Hayes Calls on Fitzgerald to Begin Investigations into Jackson, Jr.
On the lighter side:
AnnaTarkov Also, we had fun yesterday with #ThingsOnlyChicagoansKnow. Look at what's been submitted so far and chime in with your own :)
More. Lack of a smoking gun. You know, I might have been that holdout juror. It really stuck in my craw the Dem political establishment called Blago pathological after they supported him for reelection when he was already under indictments galore. They knew who he was then.

And who was on the other side of all those negotiations. Who lied?

Let the trial begin again--maybe this time the government will lay open more of the corruption and criminality of the other players.

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