Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Presidential Self-Adulation Hits New High

TAS. While his approval among Americans hits new lows.

Hey, time to send Joe the Biden on the road again. That'll work.

The GOP has an alternative. Spotlight on two governors--Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mitch Daniels of Indiana. Rich Lowry: Look Outside D.C. for Grown Up Government
New Jersey is now separating itself from those other notorious wastrels, California and Illinois
It's no coincidence our President Barack Obama calls dysfunctional Dem Illinois his home state. More:
When it comes to demeanor, Mitch Daniels is to Chris Christie what Miss Indiana is to Snooki.
:) Either way, an improvement over The One.

Consumer Spending, Incomes Flat in June; Saving Up

And this hit on small business--ObamaCare and the ruinous and bizarre 1099 requirement, according to at least one small business owner, paving the way for a VAT tax.

Remember in November.

P.S. Wednesday Is a National Holiday, Right?

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