Friday, August 20, 2010

Schakowsky Dirty Tricks

What else would you expect from Ms. Personal Piggy Bank at our expense? Ms. Astroturf Who gives a hoot about democracy personified. From the Pollak campaign, taking the high road (even liberals like him):
Pollak campaign welcomes Schakowsky supporters
to “Women For Pollak” event
August 20, 2010

NILES, IL - A political action committee from outside the 9th district that supports incumbent Democrat Jan Schakowsky has told its members to “show up” and disrupt Joel Pollak’s “Women for Pollak” campaign event in Skokie this Sunday.

The Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs (JAC PAC), which is based in the 10th district suburb of Highland Park, sent an email to supporters accusing Pollak of running a “smear campaign” and asking recipients to “show him we know better.”
Pollak, the Republican nominee for the 9th district congressional seat, welcomed JAC PAC’s attendance. “While our event will be devoted to issues facing women from the 9th district, we welcome members of JAC PAC to participate in our discussion," he said. "We are a diverse community, with diverse views, and all will be treated with mutual respect."

The “Women for Pollak” event will be held on Sunday, Aug. 22, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn at 5300 W. Touhy Ave., in Skokie. Award-winning journalist Mary Laney will host, and entertainment will be provided by celebrity comedian Caryn Bark.

A copy of the JAC PAC email is available here:

P.S. Some news on the Health Care front--ObamaCare will push seniors to the back of the line.

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