Friday, August 20, 2010

Putting the Car in R on Obamamodel

They're losing swing-vote women independents, and are worried about losing the elderly. (Gee, why is that) The public is putting the car in R on the Obama policies. Steve Huntley, Chicago Sun Times:
President Obama has been getting a lot of mileage in campaign appearances with his automobile analogy about Bush administration policies driving the country into a ditch. He talks about "D" standing for Democrats and driving the country forward and "R" representing Republicans and going backward. The problem with this analogy is that cars have a reverse gear for a reason, and sometimes it's useful for getting out of trouble.[snip]

Putting the transmission into drive on the administration's plan to increase taxes on small businesses and investors -- job creators -- has run into a chorus of criticism from economists. You don't raise taxes in a recession. Charging ahead regardless of the consequences is why Obama gets low marks from the voters for his handling of the economy.
And while I do cut the president some slack for some of the August vacations--after all it's the prime month for parents of school kids, Americans are not amused at the pontificator in chief dropping the ball once again on job creation, however misguided his prescriptions. Unemployment numbers rise again.

And demagoguing Social Security, when any sentient American knows it's going bust, does us all a disservice--why did the Tea Party start anyway? Why does it continue to build and resonate?

I don't hold any hope
that the president will emulate Reagan's success. Early on he had the chance to forge the centrist path he wink, wink promised and he chose to go hard Left.

The R is for Reverse course and go Right.

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