Monday, August 30, 2010

We need high speed rail like a hole in the head

What a symbol of this criminally wasteful administration. Illinois is bankrupt, the country is bankrupt, real jobs are stalled, and we have these same old porky Dem pols lobbying to throw our money down a rathole. Yes, let's upgrade tracks to move heavy freight. But moving people on rail?

High speed rail may make a bit of sense in portions of the congested East Coast corridor, but here in the wide-open heartland? Ridiculous.

The Cubs-Cardinals "Express".

Railroading The Taxpayer Steve Forbes:
And on it goes with other rail projects. For instance, the feds have endorsed pumping $1.1 billion into a high-speed rail line that would better the driving time between Chicago and St. Louis by all of 10%.
It's a campaign issue next door in Wisconsin--a Milwaukee-Madison corridor?!!

Bullet trains are no magic bullet for America.

Kill this idiocy.

Remember in November.

More. 65% of Illinoisans are angry with federal gov’s policies HT Chicago Daily Observer.

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