Monday, August 30, 2010

But are we typical-ly "overwhelmingly white"?

The New Journolist Password: “Overwhelmingly White”

Anything to say, Barry Obamski?

But then what do I know, I'm just a typical white person.

...Just a bitter clinger according to our "uniter" president.

P.S....Via Memeorandum, Huffpo contributor mad at the outing of Journalist justifies sicko smear of "teabaggers" and Beck. Newsbusters.

Is this typical of the left? Or just one disturbed individual. You decide. On the merits, please. Let's look at character.

P.P.S. Let's look at character. Chicks on the Right: This Is How Despicable Liberals Can Be And JWF on that character, Al Sharpton: 'When You Are Black, You Are Subjected To a Different Reality, and We Are Not Going To Be Quiet'

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