Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michelle's Private Hell

Carla Bruni book: Michelle Obama in 'hell'. Politico. Well, is there anyone left in America who has sympathy for this woman?

And who can forget this look.

Really, most can understand it's hard to compete with a former model, and Michelle may be a good mom--but is hardly a model of good sense as First Lady.

When she went to France (gee, tough duty in Paris) with Barack, she went on a private-at-our-expense junket around there after the official visit and then took the girls to London for some touring and shopping.

NY Daily News. London Daily Mail.

Apparently she is not proud of her country any more.

Hey Michelle, let's move!

Give her a boost out the door in November.

More. Memeorandum firestorm just getting started.

More. Pundette on the same wavelength, with latest gala pix and link to MOTUS. I do think she said it though, she's very self-absorbed and self-indulgent--much like her spouse.

More. Per Jake Tapper: "The White House had no comment." It may be the first time.

...At least one of the usual suspects not speaking up in her defense.

...Maybe she'll tell Carla Bruni Sarkozy she's downright mean.

...No official spin yet. 11:27 am central.

...UPDATE: Here you go: Michelle Obama: French Embassy said she never told Carla Sarkozy life is "hell". Hiding behind the French Embassy:
Obama's people are referring all questions to the French Embassy.
Eh bien, time for a little song: As we know, French is the language of diplomacy.

More. But, but... Tapper persists (Merde, alors):

European media reported that the biography was authorized and Ms. Bruni participcated in its writing. When asked about that, Monsieur Lenain told ABC News, "I don't have all the details, I'll have to get back to you."
As we know, French is the language of diplomacy.

A tasteful travel guide.

More. Ruby Slippers with Michelle is Miserable. Say it en francais:) Thanks for the link.

Still more:) Via Drudge: CBS: Book authors stand by quote...