Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chris Matthews Says Lose TOTUS


What does TOTUS have to say?

Has he lost TOTUS too?

P.S. TEA Party by SarahPac. Video stunner:)

latimestot The #SarahPalin watch: A growing majority of Americans now identifies with her views. http://lat.ms/bC9IA8 #tcot #sgp:
...that a majority of Americans (52%) now say their own personal views are closer to the former governor who didn't finish her first term than they are to the former senator who didn't finish his first term. You know, her down-to-earth talk about commonsense conservatism and reining in Washington's runaway spending and arrogance.
And that goes further:
RedState: Marc Thiessen’s Courage and the GOP Establishment’s Betrayal http://bit.ly/a50eaM #TCOT #RS
More. Senate GOP moves to strip Murkowski of Energy post Good. Lose the sore loser Murkowski.

...even TOTUS can not fix this: The Car, the Ditch, and the Slurpee

from Barack Obama's Big Book of Stump Speech Parables

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